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Development for The People and Their Future

Our Mission:
To enable Samoa and its people to grow and prosper through a collaborative relationship that will embrace their culture, respect the environment and create ongoing value for our company and development partners.

Our Vision:
Create a unique partnership among enlightened entrepreneurs, community leaders and local residents to develop a luxury destination which embraces the islands’ culture, respects the natural habitat and captures the hearts of the Samoan people……and the imaginations of others throughout the world.

At the very core of this vision are the local people themselves who reside immediately adjacent to the resort community and whose livelihoods, education and well-being are woven into its very fabric from the outset. This development will become the benchmark for future resorts in the South Pacific - an example of sensitive cultural and environmental integration; architectural and design excellence, and a celebration of social responsibility with a strong return on investment.

Our Purpose:
SPDG is a land acquisition and development planning company that controls substantial amounts of pristine prime coastal land in the South Pacific nation of Samoa. Our purpose is to build partnerships that will enable the development of luxury hotels and timeshares, a state of the art marina and cruise port, a spectacular cultural center and a world-class golf course with a commitment to preserving the culture, traditions and environment while also spearheading community development projects for the people of Samoa.

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